• Armed or unarmed personnel who are licensed through the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services who are deployed onsite to protect and secure a client’s assets, property, money, and employees from numerous hazardous such as; criminal activity, damaged property, hazardous conditions, unsafe work environment, and employee theft.
  • Onsite Uniformed Security Personnel enforce the rules and regulations of the property set forth by the client. Security is an extension of management and will assist in all matters as requested and stated in the contract.
  • All of our Security officers are licensed, insured and take part in quarterly training. Every officer must successfully pass an extensive background check, psychological testing and drug screening prior to their employment with CIS. Random drug screening occurs throughout their employment.
  • Our officers are trained in the following: deescalation techniques, foot and vehicle patrol, CCTV monitoring, pat downs, firearm safety, batons, pepper spray, hand cuff techniques, customer service, and report writing. All reports are submitted to a supervisor for review and then made available to our clients in real time. All of our officers are First Aid/CPR Certified.


  • Warehouses
  • Corporate offices
  • High rise buildings
  • Schools
  • Small Businesses
  • Events
  • Recording Studios
  • Production Studios
  • Night Clubs
  • Medicinal marijuana dispensaries and grows
  • Apartment buildings
  • Condominium Buildings
  • Private estates and residences
  • Empty lots
  • Vehicle patrol


  • Security and risk mitigation measures taken to ensure the safety of VIPs or other high priority individuals who may be exposed to an elevated risk due to their employment, status, net worth, affiliations or geographical location.
  • CIS employs Off-Duty and Retired Law Enforcement as well as certified individuals who attend and successfully complete advanced Executive Protection and Bodyguard Programs.
  • All of our EP Agents attend quarterly training in order to remain knowledgeable and then successfully implement the most current methods, procedures, and tactics in order to ensure our clients safety.
  • We provide a variety of services for our executive protection clientele; Estate security, dedicated bodyguard(s), vehicle transport, convoy protection, travel arrangements, and threat assessments.

Armed Vehicle Transport

CIS prides itself with being able to safely transport clientele and their assets. We are able to assemble a team of highly trained professionals who handle all of your logistical needs. Whether you need transportation for yourself, associates, jewelry, precious metals, cash, or works of art, CIS guarantees you peace of mind and on time delivery. Our vehicles are monitored in real time via our operations center.